JOAM Organic Standards

Scope of the JOAM Organic Standards

JOAM Organic Standards

These standards apply to production or handling operations or specified portions of a production or handling operation that operates within the territory of the country of Jamaica, and produces or handles crops, livestock, livestock products, or other agricultural products that are intended to be sold, labelled, or represented as having been produced and/or handled according to organic methods.

These standards apply to the following products:

  • unprocessed agricultural crop products, also livestock and unprocessed livestock products
  • processed agricultural crop and livestock products intended for human consumption prepared
    essentially from one or more ingredients of plant and/or animal origin
  • feeding stuffs, compound feeding stuffs and feed materials

These standards should not be seen as a final statement, but rather as a work in progress to contribute to the continued development and adoption of organic practices in Jamaica.
As such, the standards shall be maintained and revised as deemed appropriate by the JOAM Standards Committee, taking into consideration:

  • members’ submissions
  • changes to national and international standards
  • changes in agricultural and agro-industrial practices
  • national and international legislation
  • requests from the organic industry, and
  • requests from the public